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Chesterton 1600 Graphite Valve Packing

Chesterton 1600 Graphite Valve Packing


Valve Packing



Superior emissions control over thousands of cycles

Fire safe: passes API 589 standards at API 607 temperatures and pressures as tested by an independent laboratory

Easy installation and extrusion resistance in a single-spool packing

Proven in high-pressure, high-temperature steam service​


Detail :

Superior Leakage Control

​​​​​This graphite valve packing features advanced construction for superior leakage control and high integrity:​​

​- Layers of graphite tape are plied into compact strands
- Each strand is reinforced with an Iconel® ​wire mesh covering
- Strands are square plait braided to form a dense pliable packing and further enhanced with blocking agents
- The packing's exterior is densely coated with lubricating agents to reduce stem friction
- A passive corrosion inhibitor is applied to prevent valve stem pitting
Iconel® is a registered trademark of Special Metals Corporation.

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