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5300 (GTPI) Die-Formed Inhibited Graphite Rings

5300 (GTPI) Die-Formed Inhibited Graphite Rings


Valve Sealing set



Extend service life performance: Engineered sets ensure valve performance and repeatability

Reduce maintenance costs: Fewer adjustments and valve repairs

Low-friction design minimize valve hunting, which improves process quality and production yields

Detail :

Chesterton 5300 is a self-lubricating, low friction, high purity, precompressed,
die-formed ring manufactured from pure graphite ribbon tape without any
fillers, binders, or resins. Each ring is produced to an accurate specific density for
compression resistance, elasticity and retention of size and shape—all of which
are necessary to provide the best possible valve sealing performance.
5300 can withstand temperatures to 2760°C (5000°F) in a non-oxidizing atmosphere.
5300 incorporates an inorganic, passive inhibitor that reduces the corrosive
properties of graphite by producing a protective barrier between the packing and
the stem that will not degrade at high temperatures.

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