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638 EMC Electric Motor Grease

638 EMC Electric Motor Grease





High Performance Electric Motor Grease

Detail :

The Chesterton 638 EMG Electric Motor Grease is designed for electric motor bearings operating in demanding conditions. 638 EMG has outstanding anti-wear and extreme-pressure resistance. It can be used in motors operating with high vibrations, and constant start/stop regimes. Its extreme-pressure additives are safe for non-ferrous metals (windings, bushings, bearing cages) making it a preferred choice for electric motor bearings.

638 EMG is made with synthetic base oil, proprietary sulfonate thickener, and Chesterton QBT additive technology. It has a dropping point of 318°C (604°F) that provides excellent thermal stability. It has excellent water washout resistance to survive under heavy water exposure.

638 EMG grease can extend bearing life, reduce equipment failures, while improving the operational efficiency of lubricated elements. 638 EMG has been shown to be compatible with most OEM specified, shear stable Polyurea or Lithium complex thickened electric motor greases, as determined by shear stability testing per ASTM D 217.

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