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Lubri-Cup™ EM Series

Lubri-Cup™ EM Series





Electro-Mechanical Automatic Grease Dispensers; Dispenses Grease Accurately at Timed Intervals

Detail :

Chesterton's most advanced automatic lubricator is micro-processor controlled and electro-mechanical. The Chesterton Lubri-Cup™ EM ​can also be combined with a divider block to lubricate multiple bearings.

This uniquely designed tool automatically dispenses Chesterton grease to critical areas and eliminates over and under greasing. These robust units have a compact, convenient and sturdy design that is simple to install, operate and maintain.

*Purchase one of the EM Main Units and separately a service pack system filled with the Chesterton grease of choice.

Chesterton Lubri-Cup EM​​ comes in four models:​
EM: Primary unit, micro-processor "pulse" delivery system
EM-X: Certified for use in potentially hazardous environments
EM-S: Operation is machine synchronized
EM-SP: Machine synchronized, external machine powered
EM-VS: Vibration sensing for standby equipment

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